KGIPL is now a 4 Star Ranked Company

Another feather in KGIPL’s hat in it’s road towards excellence in Processing

In a recent Audit conducted by the Safe Glass Consortium, a division of Saint-Gobain Glass India Ltd., KGIPL scored four stars , a very high ranking in its quality systems.

The auditors measured several key factors in which the KGIPL Team scored very high marks:

  • In its ability to manage its employees well, we have been time and again ranked amongst the best in the country. The employees are well trained and work as cohesive teams and are highly motivated.
  • The KGIPL products are all made with utmost care and technique is World Class All the machines are latest and are properly maintained and the operators and supervisors are well trained to operate them . The Quality tests are done according to the European Standards of Processing with all the latest testing equipments.
  • The customers at KGIPL are kept informed and are able to give their views by well conducted feedback program. The systems are highly technical and rely on a modern software.
  • The company takes extreme care to ensure that all employees wear proper protective equipments at work and there are quick and efficient means to control the accidents .
  • KGIPL puts special emphasis on the 5S System, a Japanese method of quality management, which has in turn helped in maintaining good quality of its products ,saves time and teaches organising oneself
  • The Quality Management System of KGPL is according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. It aims at continuous improvement in documentation and devising newer methods of management to facilitate work process.

Our team is well coordinated and always aims at strengthening its systems , in learning from its past and keeping its eyes on the future .We have thus proved that we are ahead of our competition.