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Tempered glass is produced by heating glass to near melting point (approx. 650 °C and rapidly cooling the surface uniformly with air. Glass produced by this special process has enhanced strength and is used mainly for the rear and side windows of vehicles. It has the characteristic of fracturing instantly if broken.

Outstanding Impact Resistance
Tempered glass is manufactured by generating compressive stress on the surface through quenching glass after heated to near melting point. When the glass is broken by tensile force, the force is counteracted by the surface compressive stress. Tempered glass is three to five times stronger than ordinary glass at the same thickness.

Safe, Small Broken Pieces
Tempered glass is strong. But if subjected to an external force that exceeds the limit of the compressive stress, it will fracture. Unlike ordinary glass, however, if broken, it fragments into small pieces. As there are no sharp, knife-like shards, it is unlikely to cause serious injury. That is why tempered glass is recognized as safety glass.

Laminated windshield :

Assurance of Clear Visibility
The middle layer of the laminated glass is made of polyvinylbutyral (PVB). This interlayer is colorless, transparent, highly weather-proof and is virtually unaffected by UV rays. LAMISAFE offers the same degree of clear visibility as ordinary glass pane.

Penetration Resistance
In the event of breakage of the laminated glass surface, the tough PVB interlayer provides huge resistance to penetration by objects striking the glass.

Non-Scattering Broken Pieces
The two layers of laminated glass are bonded together by a tough, pliable PVB interlayer. Should glass breakage occur, the broken pieces tend to remain adhered to the interlayer. This avoids flying of big pieces of broken glass and at the same time preserves visibility for driving in other parts of the same window.

Anti-Theft Function
Laminated glass cannot be penetrated easily from one side to the other. Should a car thief attempt to break into the car by breaking the glass, the tough PVB interlayer will act as an effective deterrent, hampering intrusion.

•    Outstanding Impact Resistance
•    Safe, Small Broken Pieces
•    Assurance of Clear Visibility
•    Penetration Resistance
•    Non-Scattering Broken Pieces
•    Anti-Theft Function

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