KG CERAMIC – Ceramic printed glasses


KG CERAMIC consists of a ceramic based paint screen printed onto clear, tinted, patterned or reflective glass. Ceramic printed glass is in fact tempered safety glass to which a special paint, composed of powdered glass and pigments, has been applied by way of a silk-screen print, rollers or spraying immediately prior to the tempering process.

This glass is heat strengthened or toughened which fuses the paint to the glass creating a permanent durable coating, making it resistant to mechanical damage and ageing. Any pattern can be printed permanently on the glass in different colors such as company names, logos and patterns. Its increased resistance to pressure, impact and temperature fluctuations make it a distinguished tempered glass.

  • Variety of stable and durable colors, patterns and designs
  • Saves Energy
  • Light Weight
  • Can be processed into laminated safety glass
  • All-glass entrances and interior partitions
  • Signage, storefronts and exterior window walls
  • Commercial fixed and operable windows
  • Canopies and skylights
  • Curtain walls, glazing systems, shower cubicles, glass doors, and partitions
  • Maximum glass size: 2440 mm x 4200 mm
  • Minimum glass size: 300 mm x 100 mm
  • Glass thickness: 2.5 mm – 19 mm

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