KG Low Thermal insulating glass Back


This innovative glass is highly reflective to long-wave heat radiation, hence a very good thermal insulator. It contains an ultra-thin coating of a low emissive substance which prevents heat loss as well as heat gain. It also provides exceptionally high visible light transmission up to 70%.

It comes in two types of coating i.e. a hard coat and soft coat. Soft coated glass is more delicate and easily damaged so it is used in insulated windows where it can be in between two other pieces of glass. Hard coated glass is more durable and can be used in single panel windows.

  • High light transmission (up to 70%)
  • Reduces heat gain
  • Highly reflective to long-wave heat radiation
  • Good thermal insulator.
  • Insulated windows
  • Single paned windows
  • Greenhouse
  • Maximum glass size: 2440 mm x 4200 mm
  • Minimum glass size: 300 mm x 100 mm
  • Glass thickness: 2.8 mm – 12 mm

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