KG Therm – Insulated Glass

KG Therm – Insulated Glass Back

Insulated Glass Units are sandwiched units of two or more sheets of toughened glass ,heat-strengthened glass OR Laminated Glass separated by a dry air-space and sealed from the edges. (CG)

Two glass sheets, automatically washed and dried, are joined with a spacer in between in the automatic pressline from Bassra Machine Tools, U.K. A precise seal of polyisobutylene and silicon is then applied to seal the assembly to produce KG Therm Insulated Glass units. We also produce KG Therm with super spacer as well as structural glazed glasses and triple glazed units.

KG Therm helps conserving room temperature in all seasons saving air-conditioning as well as heating costs. It also provides excellent sound barrier.

KG Therm is specially recommended for Star-Rated Hotels, Hospitals, Hostels, Airports, Train Windows and for Green Buildings where temperature control is required.

  •     Controlled room temperatures in any season.
  •     Reduced sound transmission
  •     Reduction of winter heat loss and condensation.
  •     Reduction in air conditioning and heating costs.
  •     Lower UV transmission.
  •     Increased wind load strength
  •     Increases security.
  •     Greater spandrel and vision panel matching for commercial applications.
  • Windows and skylights
  • Glazing for greenhouses
  • Patio doors and building facades
  •     Insulated Unit Thickness : 14-55mm

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