KG therm/ KG Iam


The sound-resistant glass

Noise is tiresome; it makes you anxious, annoys you, causes stress and leaves you fatigued. Therefore, it makes complete sense to find new ways to keep noise where it belongs: outside and away from earshot. With architects and designers increasingly looking at glass as a preferred material in the design of contemporary spaces, it is imperative that a solution be developed which, while enhancing the building’s aesthetics, can effectively eliminate external noise.

KG LAM  is essentially a laminated glass, featuring a PVB interlayer with excellent sound-absorption properties. It reduces external noise by up to 90%, an extra 60% when compared to ordinary 5 mm glass. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, KG LAM is the ideal solution for both commercial and living spaces, an effective means to secure privacy and the most efficient way to claim your share of peace and quiet, at work and in your home.

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