Technical Strength


Better technology , World Class Glass

The cutting edge plant in Bhopal has been installed by a renowned company from New Delhi, and it measures up to any top level glass processing facility anywhere in the world. The most technologically advanced machines have been imported from the best companies in the business. We have imported an ultra modern machines capable of manufacturing processed Glass of World Class quality. Some of our machines include-

  • Fully Automatic Laminating line from Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery Co.Ltd,China.The line has automatic loading, unloading facilities for glass, automatic glass positioning, and a fully automatic online control system for easy operations. The maximum size that can be processed on this machine is 2700mmx6000mm.
  • Cool Temper (UK) Jet stream Convection Flat Glass Tempering Furnace capable of processing low E soft coated glasses of 0.02 emissivity from 4mm to 19 mm thickness and maximum size of 2400mmx5000mm.
  • Horizontal Roller Hearth Forced Convection Flat Glass Tempering Furnace capable of doing lower thickness and low emissivity glasses from 2.8mm to 12mm thickness and maximum size of 2400 mmx1600mm.They both work using the latest technology of forced convection method of heating.
  • Horizontal Flat and Bend Glass Furnace from North Glass Industries, China.
  • Besides these modern processing machines, ultra modern pre-processing machine have been imported.
  • Top End Jumbo Cutting line with Autoloader and Break out table from Bystronic Industries, Switzerland. This has all the necessary attachments to process any range (3mm-19mm thickness) or size of glass with the option for edge deletion for high performance glasses.
  • Fully automatic Cutting table from CMS Industries, Italy.
  • Two Vertical washing Machine and three Horizontal Washing machines are from Basra Machine Tools, U.K.
  • Triple Cross Wet Bet grinding machines and a double edger line from Golive Co.
  • Fully Automatic Insulating Line from Bassra Machine Tools complete with rotator table and silicon extruder.
  • Fully Automatic Ceramic Printing Line
  • Fully Automatic Frosting Line
  • The CNC cutting line from Technometal Industries Ltd., Italy. It is thus clear that with all these machines and a promise to grow the company is a leading glass processing company with in the country today.

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